Side by side photo comparison with a twist

I’ve been looking for is a comparison tool where one of the panels gives me the ability to scroll through pictures. That way, I can have the picture I’m checking on one side and be able to scroll through pictures on the other. Is there anything like that out there?

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I don’t know if that’s what you really want, but I use the darktable for photos

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I am not sure of exactly what you want either :thinking: but perhaps this is the simplest solution for skimming through your photos with a master photo always visible to compare?
The standard linux distro album viewer with some basic editing is Shotwell which of course can view individual photos also. For individual photo viewing there is also “Eye of Mate” viewer.
As can be seen below the number of columns and size of the thumbnails can be adjusted to your own requirements within Shotwell so that the free space to the right can be filled with your master photo – so easy. Obviously the window on the right could be your photo editing software. Hope this helps – good luck.

It is also quite okay to ask again with a little more detail as there are many helpful members on the It’sFoss Forum. :+1:


Wouldn’t the easiest solution just be to run two instances of the same program?

Some programs do not have the ability to scroll through all your photos - especially with the adjustments offered by Shotwell as per my screenshots above unless I am missing something :thinking:

Xviewer I use in Mint of course but you can get it in Ubuntu 20.04 now via a trusted PPA below

I prefer using these X-apps than anything else. They are nostalgic in their design and never fail me. Pix obviously is for drawing and editing pictures, Xed is for note taking and editing like gedit, Xplayer is based on Ubuntu’s Totem-player can play anything, Xviewer is for viewing pictures and some editing like rotating saving etc, Xreader for viewing PDF files. These were made from the Linux Mint team and they work on any Ubuntu based distro and if you’re using Arch then you can get them for that too. They are light and fluffy which is what I like.