Sidebar icons remove

How can I remove main folder or driver icons from the sidebar just make more place for apps I frequently I use ? Thank you for your advice

Hi @lvik and welcome to It’s Foss.

To remove an icon from my taskbar, I right click on the icon and than select ‘Unpin from panel’.

Is this just in your file manager app? What distribution are you using… Your choice of language is extremely vague.

You posted under Ubuntu - so I’m going to make the WILD assumption you’re using Ubuntu 20 or 22 or something with a stock “vanilla” Gnome 3 (Ubuntu 20 and earlier) or 4x (Ubuntu 22 and later).

It sounds like you’re talking about the “Dash” that by default sits on the left. I ALWAYS install a (dash to dock) gnome extension, and place the “dock/dash” at the bottom of the screen.

You can set it to autohide (even if it’s the default “dash” in Ubuntu 22) :

Fire up the Settings applet (oddly enough, called “Settings”) and set Dock to “Auto-hide the dock” - like mine here :

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This would be the correct answer.

I hope @lvik is using Ubuntu 22.04

I use 22.04
Instead of mount and unmount I’ d like to remove only the driver icons from the dock to create room for apps icon . How can I insert picture here ? Thank you and sorry if my language was vague. Perhaps now it is more understandable.

Down the bottom of that dialog box for the Dock / Dash :

“Configure dock behaviour” - click on the right pointing arrow “>” - then :


As you can see - I have this disabled… i.e. won’t show ANY drives or the Trash in my Dock…

Thank you so much Daniel