Silly question: Ubuntu to MX Linux transition

Greetings friends,

So I guess this is not possible but still…

I have Ubuntu Studio installed on a laptop, but over the course of time, I’ve realized that it is not as helpful as MX Linux (which is installed on another laptop). So, my question is, can I seamlessly migrate from Ubuntu to MX Linux – what I mean is can the data/files, along with the folder structure be kept as it is and yet the OS be transitioned to MX Linux (I know…I know…)?

Please advise.


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First of all, Happy Birthday @Rohit! I hope it is a good one with many more to come.

I am no expert, but I do not see why not, as long as it is data files and not software. I have used my data files across different OS’s, but I was not using Studio. Good luck with MX. I have MX installed with Mint on my desktop.

First of all, happy birthday @Rohit :birthday:

If you had saved your date of birth in the profile, it would have displayed a cake on your profile for today :slight_smile:

Now … about your question… it is possible with lots of ifs and buts…

For example, if you have separate root and home partition, it should be easier… most of the application should also work the same if you install them in the new distro (as they save config file in the home directory). … What you do here is to install the distribution on the root (which will format it) but choose the existing home partition (without formatting it). If you use the same username (and password), you should have everything intact.

I have experimented with it in a tutorial:

However, this is not 100% guaranteed to work seamlessly. So expect (bad) surprises on your way.


Thank you Howard!

Thank you Abhishek. What you’re shared is exactly what I was looking for, many thanks.

Now let me go experiment with it and see how much seamlessly can I do it.


Rohit, don’t forget to back up everything to a separate place–USB, external, Mega–before you experiment, however seamlessly.

And have a happy birthday!