SlimBook Battery for Ubuntu

Does Slimbook Battery really works for Ubuntu to control battery charge at a specific stage?

before this PC i used Samsung NP-NC-110 Notebook in that PC we have a software called Battery Life Extender in windows 7 PC.


this is worked in my PC very well i purchased this Laptop in 2011 till now its giving good Battery Back up
i kept in Battery Life Extender mode (80% charge) so it will stop charging after reaching 80% charging.even if i always connect charger to Laptop it’s only charge up to 80% so like this battery working very well. so i don’t have this option in present PC(HP) which is i am using right now. so after changing from Windows 10 to Ubuntu i found a software called SlimBook Battery in Ubuntu. so, my Doubt is… is it really works like Battery Life Extender software in Windows 7 PC. and one more thing when i am using windows my HP PC Exhaust fan would run normally but after changing to Ubuntu fan running very fast even i am running a small task in my PC for this i installed CPU Frequency indicator as suggested by it’ foss and keeping in power save mode but it’s automatically changing to Performance Mode also installed SlimBook Battery when i am keeping both softwares in Power save mode fan speed and sound being Normal. please share your ideas to overcome this issue. and thank you all for your quick responses. Thanks a lot.