Small sized games or application

I just wanted to know that is there any small sized games or application for Ubuntu that can be installed using terminal or basically from software store.

some car or bike racing type :laughing:
or monopoly aka business games
or farming type strategic games

i am feeling bored :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

or it may be any application which is fun to use or may be very useful in this OS :yum:

Try Supertuxkart. My all time favourite :smile:

how to install that :sweat_smile:

sudo apt install supertuxkart
(if I’ m not wrong)
Otherwise do some search:
apt search *tuxkart
Look at the result, choose the promising package, then install it via sudo apt install blablabla :smile:

got this llool

thhen :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Great screenshot, yeahhh! :rofl:
Take this:


You can also install Synaptic:
sudo apt install synaptic

Then start Synaptic, and choose the ‘Games’ category. Browse for other games…

On Ubuntu there are other methods, as it has snap daemon installed by default. But I dislike snaps, so I won’t give any recommendations regarding snap packages :wink: