Small,small writing and icons

Hello new friends. New to Linux, a real newbie but excited to learn. Succeeded installing Manjaro on my Win 10 laptop as dual boot. But the writing and icons are beyond small, can barely read them. Please help me get these to normal size so I can continue my learning Manjaro. Thanks.

Hello @xplorr, welcome to our community!

In order to help you, it would be very useful to know which desktop environment you are using. As far as I know, Manjaro supports many of them (Gnome, KDE, Xfce ā€¦).

This information is far more important than the distribution.

hello, i have manjaro kde, if you are similar then find;
-system settings
and you can adjust fonts, icons etc

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Iā€™m using Xfce and I was able to increase font size per your help. Most grateful!

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If you are happy and it worked, maybe you can mark it as solve