Snap "brave" has bad plugs or slots: content (content plug must contain target path

I received the above warning after refreshing firefox snap via terminal.
I don’t understand the message. Can anyone help me?

I wonder: Is this truly a message for Firefox, not for the Brave browser?

What was your command?
Something like sudo snap refresh? Or something specifically firefoxy?

If I were you, I’d run

snap list to see which programs are installed via snap. If Brave is among them, I’d do the following:

If you’re not using it and do not plan to, remove it via sudo snap remove brave, otherwise do another snap update and see, whether the error message goes away.

In all other case, come back here and scream for help. We’ve got your back.

You are correct. I was refreshing firefox with the command sudo snap refresh.

And? Problem solved?

Problem solved. Thank you.