Snap store not working from applications menu

Snap store from the applications menu is not working.

I have the latest snap installed. Snap version gives me:
snap 2.51.7
snapd 2.51.7
series 16
ubuntu 21.04
kernel 5.11.0-34-generic.

And snap works fine via the terminal.

Can anyone suggest why it doesn’t work from the applications menu?

Sorry, I don’t have a clue but I think it’s something broken after an update to kernel as I have a similar problem. The next update may fix things?
Now you have a reply hopefully more people will take a look and someone with programming knowledge will come up with a reason

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully you are correct and the next update will fix the issue. In the meantime, I have no issues working via the terminal. :slight_smile:

Because Snaps are a complete and utter waste of time, the worst thing Canonical has ever done.
Flatpaks are the same too, they just don’t work. I highly recommend AppImages instead over Snaps any day of any year and century. AppImages do not get installed directly to your computer, they are sandboxed or like a Windows EXE file, that open the App as an image for you to work with, with all dependencies already installed, inside the AppImage.

To save room and time on your computer I highly recommend uninstalling Snaps altogether. There is no need for anyone using Linux to have this broken mess from Canonical on their systems, when there are so many good alternatives out there. With AppImages you get to try the app out, before committing to installing it fully from a Deb file or from synaptic package manager, which for some reason Ubuntu does not come with out of the box any more? Time and time again people ask as to why Snaps break or won’t open, they have been broken since they started uttering the word Snaps.

Many moons and stars ago Canonical decided to make their own Ubuntu store, which with every release said their Ubuntu Store works perfectly. No it did not, now they are doing the same with Snaps, all these years later. Yes it may run fine on their end, but once every conceivable piece of hardware has tried out their new release of Ubuntu, things start to break, or they forget to mention that you have to do something else first to get that going. Their newish Ubuntu 21.10 has Firefox as a Snap and it fails every time it gets opened, install it from a deb file whoosh it goes off to the Internet. We unfortunately are the Guinea pigs who put up with the crap that is Snaps. I’m so pleased I run Linux Mint who said no to Snaps, but have Flatpak support, which is just as bad. I was going to write this whole article without commas or full stops for Americans out there periods, just to see if it could be read without taking a breathe. Sorry for me going on, but with so many ways of installing an app, at least with AppImages you know what you’re getting.

I would prefer to run Mint myself. Not really a fan of Ubuntu. However, with Mint I seem to have problems with the trackpad (a minor issue really) and with something else - I can’t remember what that is at the moment. Still, I might try again and just use those minor problems as a learning experience. LOL re the punctuation.

Is it when the pointer whilst typing would suddenly jump back to the beginning of the sentence, mucking words up?? rearranging the words backwards? I used to have this problem, solved it by switching off track pad and using an external mouse. (It’s actually vibration that causes it from the keyboard.) I’m running Linux Lite here at work on my ASUS Ryzen 5 Mobile chipped Laptop, which is OK, but know that I will have to go hopping again as I do not like their update manager, it does not tell you what it’s doing, just runs in the background leaving you to watch your blinking lights till it asks if you would like to see the update log? Usually though I beat it to the punch with the updates, using the terminal and the terminal installs the updates, before the update manager even finds them.

Neither am I any more, since every release seems to be broken or lacking something. Seems to me they are relying on Gnome too much and I recently saw a video where this was discussed. Canonical need to go there own way, instead of producing the same all the time, with the same error messaging from Apport and the constant breaking and bloat of Snaps which does not do them any favours, when someone is coming over to Linux for the first time and they see a broken mess. I guess if the user has no clue on what to expect, they think that the broken mess is the norm?
It should not be like that. Did Canonical go the same route as Microsoft and get rid of all the QA testing staff? It does make me wonder.

Haven’t been a fan of Ubuntu for a few years now and have stuck to Mint as it mostly just works 99% or more of the time.
Ubuntu ‘generic kernel’ updates may be trying to sneak things in though?
I’m using 5.4.0-91 at present on Cinnamon desktop but something is ‘broken’