Snapshot-creation with virt-manager

Hi altogether,

Can anybody help me? I´ve got a question regarding snapshot-creation with virt-manager.

my system (host): Linux/Lubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, 64 bit

I want to achieve the following: installation of WIN (either 8.1 or 10) in a virtual machine with qemu/kvm.
I also have virt-manager installed.

There are instructions for a case like this on (yet in German).
The procedure described there refers to VirtualBox. I don´t want to use that but rather qemu/kvm/virt-manager.

Yet there´s one point worth considering:
A bit further on in the WINDOWS-installation process (yet more or less at the beginning) there should be
a dialog like this:

“Welcome” ------> “Region. Is it O.K?”.

At this point in time WIN hasn´t been been activated yet. There are no personalized settings and no user account.

This should be the point when to create a “save point” or “backup point” so that when the WIN trial period is over (after 90 days) the “save point” can be restored and thus there should be another 90 days test period etc.

So basically my question is:

Am I right in assuming that such a “save point” can also be created within virt-manager by creating a snapshot in the same way as described above?
Theoretically this should work because it´s possible to create such a snapshot from a running machine.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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out of curiosity i did just that with win10 and it worked. at least the creation part. i did it a little while ago so i can’t say whether or not there will be any issues 90 days from now (i have a vm way older than 90 days. i should try it to see if it gives me any trouble) with using that “region ok?” snapshot save point, but in the short term creating a snapshot at that particular point in the install is possible as is restarting from same and continuing the installation process.

i would add that it didn’t save me a whole lot of time over just starting the vm creation itself. my system (thinkpad T430s with an older i5, 8 gigs of ram with an unremarkable ssd - i allotted 2 cores and 4 gigs of ram to the vm) isn’t particularly powerful and from starting the creation of the vm to that “region ok” screen was less than 5 minutes.


Hi and thank you so much for putting such effort in trying out that win10 installation.
That´s really great. :+1:

Well, that´s wonderful news. And that´s what I was hoping for.

I couldn´t try it myself as my sole internet connection is a umts-stick with 4.5 GB per 28 days. So getting hold of a win-iso would be out of the question.

The background of my question is this:
I´m really asking on behalf of a friend of mine who changed over to Linux/Lubuntu and wants her tax-programme (which she already had purchased from a local Aldi store) to get to work.
And we all know that those programmes don´t run natively on Linux.
Therefore the need to install it on a WIN VM.

So this looks good then and we will give it a try as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your kind help.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:


i was happy to try and help if i could. you are one of the only other members here and on lq that i have interacted with that uses a similar kvm/qemu + virt-manager setup so it is usually interesting to check out what you have to say in related posts (as well as others).

i decided to check out how big the iso was when i was transferring my old win10 vm to a new install. 5 gb is a lot of iso :slight_smile:

that particular vm is the older one i mentioned in my previous post. turns out it was from last november or so. i figured since i was adding kvm etc to this new install i would check to see if there were any issues using that particular vm.

it has been running for a little over an hour and so far no issues. it fully updated itself. i was able to update malwarebytes so i know it wasn’t keeping me from updating third-party software. i also installed seamonkey just to make sure i could install something new. no problems there either. as it is not activated, it won’t allow me to make some cosmetic changes like switching backgrounds or setting the taskbar like i usually do, but so far those seem to be the biggest limitations.

it sounds like your friend plans to use their vm more than i do so a snapshot sounds like a great way to make sure they can return to a workable state just in case. i just figured i would report back in with a little more info since i was playing around and fired up that particular vm :slight_smile:


Hi again.
Thank you for you detailed report of your experience with WIN10 VM. :+1:

Well, as I myself at the present time have no need to interact with any WIN installation (God be thanked for that) it´s really more of an issue with my friend.
Neverheless I want to help her as much as I can by using teamviewer as she lives far away.
So I´m really grateful for any report from practical expeience.

Wow. I knew i was much. But that amount of data for an iso is really something else. Thanks for pointing that out.

I see. Good to learn that fact. Didn´t know that.

Yes, I was thinking along those lines too. And the magazine article I mentioned refers to that point as well.
I really looks like the snapshot can be produced at any point within the WIN installation process which is good news indeed.

Thanks again for your feedback and keep safe.
Rosika :smile: