So they just released the Raspberry Pi 4

As I was building my Raspberry Pi 3B/+ cluster, I was thinking “wait, soon there should be a Raspberry Pi 4, shouldn’t there?”. So I looked up all rumors, official statements, etc. Long story short, nothing was officially decided, yet. This was a couple of months ago.
About 1 month ago, I saw that a blog entry from the official Raspberry Pi homepage stated, that the Raspberry Pi 4 certainly won’t be released before 2020. I was disappointed, but at least this would give me some time for plans.
Just now, I casually looked up my new mail, and here we go, a newsletter from an approved Raspberry Pi reseller in my country just announced immediate availability of the brand new Raspberry Pi.
Thanks for not giving me preparation time, you guys.


Just ordered one - 4 GB model - with USB-C -> Micro-USB adaptor, USB-C charger, red/white case, 2 x mini HDMI -> HDMI cables…
Can’t wait!
I’ll be running Debian Buster (it won’t arrive till after 5th July anyway) and probably XFCE ('cause I kinda hate “pixel” desktop). Probably just go to an “office supplies” store for a 256 GB sd card…

Planning to sit it on my desk at work and use that as my “daily driver” - hooked up to 2 x HDMI monitors… pretty much all I do on my current Ubuntu laptop (personal) - Chromium browser, bunch of terminal sessions, and rdesktop or remmina to remote customers (who don’t let me SSH to their stuff) - thankfully Synergy have RPi binaries for my software KVM - so I can drive the cruddy work supplied Win10 laptop (which I only use for Skype4Business and Cherwell service desk client).

If that works okay - I might shell out for another one for home… just a shame RPi still don’t have a decent LiPo charging circuit/charging doohickey…

I see Abishek’s posted about RPi4 on Facebook ItsFOSS group.

Anybody else going to buy RPi4?


Tempted to order one. Looks like it’s finally powerful enough to use for everyday tasks now.


It’s out of stock :frowning:


My order’s got a 6 days lead time till they can even ship (Core Electronics in Australia )…


my vendor won’t actually get the RPi4 I ordered until early August!!! :frowning_face:

then I gotta wait till they ship it 3000km from east coast oz to west coast oz…


It’s kind of a preorder and I hate that.

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With this kinda lead time - I’m seriously thinking about ordering a 2nd one from someone else (will probably have a use for two of them anyway)…

Going to get “ready” for Debian Buster in the meantime too… with uncertainty about i386 libs in Ubuntu from 19.10 onwards (especially wine compatibility - which affects a bunch of Windows games I run through Proton) I reckon it might be time to jump overboard from the SS Canonical…

Maybe even opt for the x64_64 version of Raspbian???

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I think no one is delivering it at present. The availability date is August. RPi are manufactured in the UK so it may take some time to meet the high demand.

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Alright! Good news is that Raspberry Pi is sending a sample device all the way from the UK so that It’s FOSS could review it. It’s clearing the customs as I write this message :man_dancing:


This is great. Can’t wait for the review.

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Nice! Looking forward to reading about it. :slight_smile:

Just saw this yesterday. Something to be aware of:

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