(SOLVED) LinuxMint slows then hangs


What makes you think I can afford toast???:disappointed_relieved:
that’s another Luxury!:pleading_face:

… on the order…
4GB [2x2GB] DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) RAM Memory Upgrade Kit for the Dell Optiplex 740
Condition: New

I think I may be able to combine the 2 currently there and get a total of 6 GB with the 4 GB modules in slot a&b and the 2 GB in the remaining 2 slots. I used to do that with Dell office machines back in the '90’s,
when I worked as an IT tech. (but with smaller ram sizes) It’s been a while though… Yikes! 27 years already???:roll_eyes:

I followed Joe Collins advice, and have already reduced swappiness to 10 have not reduced cache pressure yet
clearing cache, is a daily task for me.

I did run the 3 “systemd” commands and copied their output for comparison.

Will do the rest when ram arrives, and will check back then
Much appreciated!
Thanks again


I have the same problem with an antique eMachines. I’ve used Mint for years, recently switched to MX. But same problem with memory filling up and going to swap, at 100X slower speed. I think I have it traced to Firefox when I read the online local newspaper, which uses Olive software. If I let it run a while, it slowly fills up the memory and everything slows to a crawl.


@Col_Panek I think you should open your own thread and describe your issue in much more detail if you want to receive proper help.


have you been here [https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/first-mint-cinnamon.html ]>
Yes, Is that by Joe Collins too? I know he does the “EasyLinux” video blog on Youtube. As I mentioned previously, I do follow his advice.


No, it is by someone called Pjotr he is on the Linux Mint Forum and from Holland -Member of the Dutch translation teams for Linux Mint and Ubuntu, coordinator of the Dutch translation teams for Xfce and for LXDE. He seems well respected by most people and I have always found his advice to be good.


Just to be on the safe side, take a look at the capacitors on your motherboard. I had a 740 a few months ago that was doing exactly what you’re describing and what I found was one of the capacitors with starting to bubble. It eventually blew and leaked and killed the machine. Just don’t assume it’s a software error if it actually might be a hardware.


AH Yes, I know of Pjotr, and also have respect for his advice.
I too, am member of that forum.


Thanks Samtech,
Saw this notice, and immediately checked.
Can never be too careful !
Thankfully, I’m good.


Thank You.
I also did the tips in 10 things for MATE


About 2 years ago I started running my old defunct computer again, for fun. It again showed the same symptoms as back then: randomly shutting off for no reason. Definitely no over heating or anything alike. Then I checked the motherboard and there it was. Bulged capacitors. :+1:

To be honest, I would turn around that sentence. Don’t assume it is a hardware error, if it actually might be a hardware. Especially with our high tech hardware nowadays. Assuming that it is a (more or less) serious hardware fault, almost always means: get new hardware!.
So first, at least from my perspective, you should eliminate as many software issue possibilities, as possible.


OK !!! The RAM arrived, and is now installed. It won’t axknowlege the original 2MB (2 x 1MB) that I thought it would, But it does recognize, the 2 new (2 x 2MB) sticks.
So far, No more “slow down and hang”, …so I guess this is solved. Thanks to all that helped ! ! !