(SOLVED) Looking for help with images in Google docs

Anyone know why images uploaded into a google doc would suddenly disappear? Some of the images are still there, yet some turn into a blank box with an exclamation mark in a triangle. No error or explanation given. Images are jpg and well within the size limitations - uploaded from the PC (basic Dell Latitude running Mint 19.1).

I’ve tried searching for a solution to no avail… Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did the upload really finish? Maybe you uploaded only 99.99% of the picture, which could result in a corruption.

Other images upload and show in a split second. The same with these ones, only after a few more seconds, they disappear with the warning symbol and no explanation of why. The images in question are maybe 50-200KB range, I don’t see why they would fail to completely upload. Not really sure how to confirm either though.

Try to download the exclamationed images and see if they work on your computer. Also try to load your account in a different browser. If you use FireFox, try Chrome and vice versa.

I’ll give those suggestions a try and see what happens.

Using Chrome and already tried clearing browser cache as one search result suggested.

Do you save them to downloads or desktop? I used to save to downloads and now save them to desktop which I find it easier to see if they complete or not. I had downloads get lost before I did this and now they don’t seem to do so.

The issue I have is with uploading images from the PC to a google doc. The images are stored currently on the desktop for the doc. The images are fine on the PC. They can be opened & viewed and don’t appear to be corrupted.

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I had as much success as you did at searching for a solution, unless it is hidden in one of their forums Mike. My other idea about using Libre Office and saving as all formats is probably not what you want.
Hope you get an answer and if you do can you let us know - thanks.

@Akito We gave it a try in Firefox and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure why it was acting strange in Chrome (considering it’s a google doc, lol).

It was my wife working on a presentation handout for work, so you saved her a lot of time and hassle. :wink:


I am having this exact problem! Especially if I copy images from a slide to a draw or vice versa

have you tried these suggestions to see if they might help?

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upload the image on to your Google Drive then insert the image from the drive into the document. Not sure if that will work out for everyone, but it worked out for me.

Maybe you should check what type of image is you’re uploading. I use png at first and it stuck at that warning sign… then i converted it to jpeg… and it finally can be uploaded