Some open source projects you'd like to donate to?

In my opinion, maybe we should consider donating to the projects that we love, of course, I understand that it’s not something mandatory.

I’ve been trying to contribute/donate to whatever I use to help keep up the fast growth of our open-source/Linux community in general, no matter how small the amount is.

So, I’d like to know some of your favorite ones for which you’d be willing to donate?


I think if you really enjoy the distro you’re using, you should donate to support them. Moving forward, this is something I will definitely be doing, starting with Linux Mint.

Also if there’s someone or a team out there who’s working on Linux drivers for various racing sim wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc. I would gladly donate to that, since that is only thing keeping me on Windows for sim racing.


I plan to donate to DietPi next month, when I don’t have to pay for so much Christmas stuff. It is great software. The more I use it the more I love it. Especially since nowadays a lot of development depends on a good social behaviour, when for example taking issues from random users and asking for more. You need to know how to do that. If you don’t know how to do such thing, or worse, refuse to, then even if your software is good, you are blocking yourself for making it a lot better by not accepting random people’s opinions about and experiences with the software you are creating. That is another big reason, why DietPi prospers this much, as its relatively new leader Micha does a great job addressing the aforementioned issues. If I’d need to name the best developer I know on Github, then it would be definitely this guy. He makes the software great and pushes for great advancement regarding it, basically monthly. That is also why I plan to pay a monthly donation, to support this, even though I generally tend to be shy about donations, as I rather spend all my donation money on as few projects as possible instead of spending 1 tiny buck for a lot of ones.

P.S.: Look how modest they are, by having so low donation prices. Also it is evident, they don’t put much effort into creating a lot of opportunities of donating. This also shows how they love what they do and don’t just want to suck out the last few bucks out of your pockets, like EA, Activision, Microsoft, Apple and the like do.


Yes Patron are very sensible, the idea that you can donate a small amount allows me to donate to more of my favorite people. I have given off donations to Linux Mint Cinnamon, and Ubuntu for a while but then stopped the donations to Ubuntu because I am using Linux Mint all the time now. Its some times a little too easy to donate sometimes, with more emotion than thought lol, Oh and I have been caught a couple of times with a one off donation, and its keep coming out of my account, I had to close down one account over that, It makes one very careful.


I’ve donated to elementary in the past, but not for a few years, 'cause I stopped using it… I’d like to like it, but it’s too locked down, and everytime I’ve used it, BlueTooth has been a PITA… and so far, they don’t even have a path to upgrade from one release, in place, to another…

I’ve donated to Armbian, which I run on all my non Raspberry Pi ARM single board computers… it’s great, tried DietPi, but prefer Armbian…

I recently donated to Sayonara (thanks again @abishek for the recommendation!) player - because I was hoping it might prod the developer to release a patch for 1.5.1 (it’s got a few bugs) and maybe even port it to Raspbian - so far no updates, but not a problem, I’m patient I’ll just keep running Sayonara 1.4.1 till 1.5.1 is patched or update… best damn small music player I’ve ever used on any platform, and exhudes the KISS principle, positively reeks of it :smiley:

Bought licenses for both Symless/Synergy KVM and Resilio Sync Pro, cause I use both (and both have essentially “free” open source versions you can install widely).