Sometime ago I configured the twenoji font but its not working neatly now

The emoji shown in UBUNTU 20.10 ( which I use ) are of the Twemoji shapes/design but with no colour. Also, the text font in the browsers is showing the Twemoji text font, please help me remove the Twemoji font from the system and also apply any other emoji font with colours, Emojione/noto colour emoji etc. Also, I have noticed 1 prob, while doing something of the not colour emoji font 2-3 days ago, I edited the fonts.conf file, but now it is showing the text file symbol [ indicating that it is a text file ] but it should be the code type symbol [ used to show a code file ]. Can that be a problem because of which the emojis are black and white and all the browsers are showing the twemoji text font?

pls help everyone pls I beg request you please

Do you speak another language apart from English?

Perhaps there is some user with the same native language as you. If you talked in your mother tongue, she might be able to deliver a translation of your problem in an understandable manner.

i speak marathi but i have explained my prob correctly

i have explained my pron in english only


Please, do not be rude when people are wasting their time trying to help you.

This is your last chance. One more bullshit sentence and I’m going to mute you. I cannot stand this butchering of words and sentences and then even having the gall to claim that you “explained [your] pron [sic!] in english only”.
This is not English.

This is some kind of weird esoteric bullshit I imagine people talking when they mix cocaine with Tequila and Weed.

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Please don’t get upset. I was just trying to offer an alternative approach to finding a solution to your problem. I definitely didn’t mean to be disrespectful. Countless times have I found myself in situations where I had difficulties to explain myself in English as precisely, correctly and eloquently as in my native German.

If you described your problem correctly, as you sustain, the problem is probably mine. I still don’t know the configuration of your system, by which means you installed the problematic fonts and how did you actually change your desktop environment’s settings.

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ok sry :pray: :pray: :pray:

can you pls read the para i wrote again, pls

So, I am explaining again

1)I did something of Twemoji font, it worked that time.
2)After some days, all the emojis are in blacknwhite colour but the emoji shape / design is of Twemoji only.
3) All the web browsers are displaying the ’ TEXT Font ’ of twemoji, thus, not showing the system font which is ubuntu regular.
4) I need help to fix this.
5) Is this problem is because of the ’ fonts.conf’ file? Because it is displaying it a a text file not the code file. I remember that I edited the file somedays before, so can this may the reason of this prob?


pls help
pls help
pls help
pls help.