Spam Attack 1, but make the title longer

Recently, as some have seen, we have been attacked with spam activities. For now, I suspended or deleted associated accounts and banned their details from being reentered here.
If you see any more spam, you are free to instantly report it and I’ll make a quick one.


Good job with keeping the spam out :slight_smile:

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I have been reporting to SpamCop with limited success. Are you saying there’s a better way?

No. I just meant that I’ll ban them from this forum. That’s enough for our situation here.

That said, many spam e-mails result from originally legitimate accounts, that were hacked. That’s also why I don’t want to permaban every account I come across on any website ever. Maybe the original owner can recover the account in the end and then couldn’t use it, because the account is banned everywhere. :laughing:

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One job I had a few years back (circa 2011), was “managing” (managing, as in “barely”) black, white and grey lists for SMTP / MTA relays for like 35 different organisations or government departments (I think it was way more than 35)…

Had a bunch of public servant “developers” (as if a real developer would sell their soul to serfdom!) developing stuff in TCL/TK (called tickle-teekay) - and some brightspark thought, “let’s register a domain on *.tk” (a well known domain “owned” by a tiny Pacific Island which would rent out space to the highest bidder [and in most cases it was “any bidder”] - i.e. chock full of Russian bots and exploits)… boy that was headache to try and whitelist…

Yet another job for AI… bring on the robots and transhumanism I say…

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