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I repair computers, most weeks I get clients in who have problems with Windows and virus issues. Most leave with Linux machines, working and no virus … easy! Helps when I tell them Windows you buy, then you get a virus, and you pay again.

But occasionally the hardware is dead and not easy fixes as I don’t get into motherboard repairs or replacements due to cost of bits, time involved and access to test.

To get important files, documents, images and the rest off the hard disk, I drop said disks into a external box with SATA connections then plug it into a Linux box to copy. Linux gets access to most disks when Windows says #what#

Few years back bought a external docking station to make life easy.

Now starting to get clients with ssd, not all are removable as soldered into mother board, but thought I would get a similar box for doing the same… here is where I came adrift as there are so many standard fittings, one slot, two slot, size differences, capacity different …

Hence my question (at last)

Is anyone using a ssd docking station with multiple connection possibilities that I can just slot the card into then connect to my Linux usb 2 or 3. Suggestions on make model and best connection to get.

Much easier with hard disks as we only had 2 options over the last 20 years and now down to one… Mac or pc, towers, desktop, laptop no difference.

Yes did a Amazon search and found a few but they are marked yes for this model and not for others, no demand, or am I asking the wrong question?

Thanks in advance

Can you list the connection type involved?

Hello Call Paul,
As most people use Western Digital, a lot of these external docking stations say no to them. I’ve got one and the majority of drives I have are Western Digital and it just won’t read them. Licensing problems? Have no idea. Have not tried the WD Blue SSDs yet though. I have so many computer parts and accessories all packed away, also will one day get round to finishing building two Foxconn AMD computers I started three years ago, but never got round to doing anymore on them. The motherboards are old, dating back to 2004. I also will one day get round to fitting a new CMOS battery to my old gaming machine dating back to 2008. With the docking station you’ll find that Linux will read them fine, but highly suggest getting one that reads the Western Digital drives.

Thanks for the guides

Basically want to cover all the bases as never know who or what will walk in


Think ok on this as will use existing hard drive box system

But the issue is with
And the different types

  • Switch B
  • Switch M
  • Switch B&M


4. M.2 PCI-E SSD

5. M.2 NVMe SSD

But bit lost if switch m is same connection as m.2 or msata

Who is going to be the future leader
Not too interested in manufacturers but box that will accept any and Linux will see

Again not sure on capacity and if that makes a difference, bit like usb 2 and 3 speed issues yes but normally not a problem to open and copy

If the same people who get a virus on Windows do not get any on Linux, anymore, then the problem is not solved. The problem is behaviour. Almost all malicious software only arrives at a home user’s PC, because they aren’t careful and always download everything, without thinking twice about it.

If people would start to think, before they download and execute something, they wouldn’t need any anti-virus and would still be safe on their Windows PC.

The second thing is that Windows is always portrayed as some “virus magnet”. That’s not true, however.
The simple reason, why you see so much of that on Windows and so little, almost nothing, of that on Linux is because of popularity. Not because Linux is more secure or whatever. The “Linux is more secure” argument is utter bullshit. It’s less secure than systemd on crack.

If Linux would be even remotely close to the popularity of Windows in terms of desktop end-users (NOT servers), then Linux would have a much bigger problem with malicious software, than Windows does…

Sadly this does not answer the question. About connection types

No longer in the business of teaching computing, as more problems they have the more I gain, I do make suggestions but not always followed. Mainly it involves if you don’t want a virus don’t switch it on.

But my question is about hardware connections in this case

Did not intend to answer the question. I just commented on a statement.

One size NEVER fits all. If you are inclined, you could build your own from parts. Voltages, connectors would need TLC but could be put in a single box.

Will give that a go thanks

Would this M.2 external dock do them all? There is this one for M.2 NVMe
B&M Switch

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Superb just what I am looking for

Will check the French Amazon site now to cut down on delivery cost and time

Very much appreciate you finding the solution

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No worries, glad I could help.

m2 SATA connector to actual “SATA” adaptors are fairly common… I bought a USB 3 SATA connector (to plug hard drives and HDD form factor SSD’s into. It came with an adaptor to do the same with m2 SATA drives…

But no idea what you’d use for PCIe (which is what most modern SSD’s are)… There must be something out there…

Something like this maybe :

Sorry missed your reply
Thanks for the idea and suggestion
Still not found a fix all perhaps if I do nothing it will appear