Ssd hard drive problem in ubuntu 22.10

I have installed a second SSD in ubuntu 22.10 I can only see one at a time, I have installed both drives with the same ubuntu. I am able to boot from both ssd’s. If both are plugged in, only one drive shows. When I said earlier I installed… By that I mean I fitted it in the computer. How can I get to see both drives please.? I want the second drive to be for backups. Thank you in advance for any / all help.

Hi Rodney, you may need to format other drive using Gparted utility. Format it as either ext4, Btrfs, NTFS. If you go for ext4 or btrfs, to access it you will have to open it as superuser and change permissions to your user name. I highly recommend formatting drive to btrfs as compression is far greater. NTFS if you’re going to use it on a Windows machine.

The issue is most likely that Ubuntu is not mounting the second disk

Do you have the Gnome disk utility.?
You can use that to see what disks are present as devices, and you can use it to mount any disk that is unmounted.

Failing that, you may be able to use Thunar or Dolphin to see other devices , and it will mount them.

Or you can issue a mount command from the CLI, if you know its device name.

Once you know the disks device name, you can edit the file /etc/fstab and add a line so that Ubuntu will mount that disk automatically, every time it boots. Be careful editing fstab… if you muck it up Ubuntu will not boot. Copy the original to another file before you edit, so you can put it back if you mess up the edit.

If you can not find the device, then see what @clatterfordslim has to say… The disk has to be partitioned and the partitions have to have filesystems set up on them.


Use gparted to initialize the SSD as either MBR or GPT and then you can set partitions and format.
If you have a Windows machine, you can use diskpart to set either mbr or gpt. Open a run prompt and type “cmd” for the command prompt, type “diskpart” and then type “list disk” type “select disk #”, just make sure you select the correct disk, type “clean” and then type "convert gpt or “convert mbr” type exit and you are set to partitions.

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Hello Neville Jackson. The answer from you and Clatterfordslim has helped me cure this problem. I apologise for the amount of time I have had in replying to all the terrific help I have received from everyone. The site would not accept my password and I have hunted for days to get back in. Resetting the password didn’t do the job. Anyway, the problem was that the new SSD was formatted with FAT32 and according to the help from you people, it will not recognise FAT32. So I simply changed the format to EXT4 and all is well again. I got this advice from the program that clatterform mentioned. Sorry about the delay again, It is a real Bother getting old. Even following Gnome Disk Utility caused the grey matter to get greyer. At age 80 and still feeling 21, I just might have to realise that 21 snuck by a few years ago.
One last question… How do I give you both the kudos you deserve.?

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Hi @Rodney_Jackson
Great you fixed it.
Yes, Linux will not work on FAT32 filesystem . It needs things like soft links, and permissions and groups.
I am right on your tail ( aged 77) and feeling it.
No kudos, think about putting something back into the forum… never too old you know.
The feedback is appreciated.

Thank you Neville, live and learn hey. If I ever find a request for help and the brain box has had the problem, I will not hesitate to jump in and give my thoughts. Again my thanks to everyone who called in to help. I can’t help thanking you all sincerely.
Have a great Christmas all, and an even better new year,

Rodney Jackson.