Stacer says I'm using 5.7G of ram, what is it looking at?

When I look at Stacer’s Dashboard, it’s indicating a 5 to 6G showing of memory being used. Yet htop indicates 1.3G of physical memory (and zero swap) being used with FireFox running. Just what is Stacer looking at to post such a high number? I have a Lenovo desktop 310s-08asr, CPU: A9-9425@3.1 Ghz and 8G of ram installed. Processes on htop say that FireFox is the highest user of memory at 6% using 500 Mib and all others falling behind it.

There are different ways of measuring different definitions of “used” RAM. For example, the actually non-free amount of RAM is usually most important, when trying to know, how much RAM is left, because it shows the actual non-free amount, that is simply occupied and can’t easily be used otherwise.
However, there is also “reserved” RAM. For example, it may be the case that all your applications only use 8GB RAM in total, but if you have 32GB RAM available on your computer, the reserved RAM usage will probably be at least 30GB RAM. Although, this reserved RAM can be freed anytime and is not occupied forcefully by an app, but is flexible.

If you want to know how this stuff works, I suggest you read up on this topic.

Yes, thank you for those topics and a lot here to digest. This reminds me of the command line “free” and it’s various flags that break down memory, thanks again.

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