Stackpath/Trackdata is bogging me down!

What can be done about stackpath’s trackdata? It seriously slows down browsing. It was bad enough when I was just using a blocklist: just to get to some websites, I would have to give temporary permission to the trackdata IP. Now, in addition to the blocklist, I’m using a DD-WRT router with a constant VPN, and it is positively painful.

Stackpath is similar to CloudFlare, a sort of gatekeeper for other people’s web presence.

An update to the previous post…I received a recommendation to enable UPnP in the DD-WRT config, and it appears to have restored the normal browsing response time.
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Still no clue why StackPath is so intrusive compared to Cloudflare…

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I use Cloudflare for DNS on but I have no experience with Stackpath.