Start up applications

my Ubuntu machine booting very slowly and its taking around 2:10 mins to show login screen after this the blue screen also appearing longer time.

i used this command to see hidden start up applications.

sudo sed -i ‘s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g’ /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop

but which applications i have to enable at start up please help me to reduce booting time of my machine.
the result i got when i check for start up applications.

looking at a list of autostart programs might be useful if you know what they all do on your system and what the ramifications of turning them off or delaying them might be.

it may be helpful to know some of the specs of your system to try and help. cpu and ram are a good place to start as well as if you are booting into an hdd or ssd.

then it could also helpful to see the output of systemd-analyze and systemd-analyze blame. the first will tell you exactly how long your system takes to boot and the second will tell you how long each service takes.


Been using Linux 25+ years, and UNIX a bit longer - and I wouldn’t TOUCH any of those things! - I never look at any of these things in such detail…

So - hide it again, don’t touch it… follow what @01101111 suggested…

One of my machines takes an inordinate amount of time to boot up (i.e. from POST to login - most of that is the BIOS, it’s a desktop machine, circa 2010/2011), i.e. minutes, i.e. time to make an instant coffee (but I mostly drink brewed mocha 0 so by the time my mocha’s brewed on the stove - I’m good to go!) - but I reboot so infrequently, it’s not an issue because the machine’s snappy enough once I’m logged in… Most of everything else I use are circa 2014/15/16 laptops with M2 SSD’s or better, and boot up to login in seconds. I keep this machine on 24x7, and connected to my work’s VPN, and when I knock off using it - I let all its idle cycles and GPU cycles do work for Folding@Home project.

I think your specs would help, and let us know what Ubuntu release you’re running… if your machine’s under spec, it might pay you to run something lighter, like xubuntu? I’ve heard Cinnamon also requires less grunt than Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 18/20… probably Mate also… Me? I just go with Ubuntu’s “default” Gnome 3… does what I need, and mostly plug and play (i.e. 10,000x more plug and play than Windows 10 :smiley: )


I wouldn’t just blindly disable start up applications. Some of them are essential and turning them off can create issues. Some others are maybe not essential, but they are so heavily depended on and so expected, that it could create issues, if other programs miss it.

This issue is a fine case of an XY Problem, but at least you did mention the actual issue at hand, so that makes finding a solution easier.

Because of this your attempt at solution Y is already quite futile, since your start-up applications are started after you log in, not before. So even if disabling wouldn’t harm your installation, you would still see no performance benefit.

It is rather advising to check what the actual cause of your long boot time is.

Is it your storage medium?
Is it any other hardware?
When did it start to happen?
What changed on the system just before it started to happen?

Ironically, you did not provide any information on these important questions, as should be expected in a fine case of the XY Problem.

So – if you want an actual solution to your actual problem, start engaging with the previous commentators’ questions and get to answering those and these above in this post.

Thanks for the instant response i am using (HP 15 BS145TU, i5,8th gen,8GB RAM,1TB HDD ) and running UBUNTU 20.04 Focal fossa latest version. as my host operating system

Hello Pavankalyan54.
If I were you I would stop by the GRUB and do a memory check… and If the RAM is working fine I’d do an HDD check.
I bet it’s a hardware problem, and if it’s not one of those 2, it may be the Motherboard.
Good luck for the hunting. :grinning: