Stay Secure Online, Avoid common Phishing emails

Phishing is a common type of scam where hackers/attackers steal your information with a look-alike webpage. This is commonly spread through emails.

Google has launched this simple test on phishing. This will help you to better identify a phishing email:

Stay alert, stay safe.

P.S. I know many tech-savvy Linux users are already aware of these tactics but it should still help some members here.


Probably the most dumb-proof and easy method to not get phished is avoiding to open any e-mails regarding bank account data or money. :+1:t2:

If you are working in a company and have to open “important documents” then you should be able to distinguish from phishy mails anyway, because it is literally your job to do so…

Trust me, the phishing emails are getting smarter everyday. Take the test and you would know what I mean.

In my last working place, the security team sent a fake phishing email from a email address similar to company’s email. Around 50% employees (most software engineers) fall prey to that. Never underestimate a good phishing attack :smile:


i thought the quiz was helpful in terms of helping me see what decently clever attacks look like these days. slight shifts in url’s or email addresses are definitely worth keeping an eye on :slight_smile:

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No matter how well we are trained or how savvy we think we are, we can all get caught out. Thanks for posting this @abhishek it is a timely reminder to us all to always be aware