Stop Amazon taking over the web

I accept that it is a matter of individual choice whether or not to support Amazon. For myself, I want to avoid it or anything connected to it. Yet, whenever I go to a site, Amazon take up nearly all the entries, and I have to search well down the list for anything not connected to it. I have tried various suggested methods, such as adding ‘-amazon’ to my search entry, but nothing works.
At one stage, when some New Yorkers were attempting to stop an Amazon development in their city, an app called, as I recall ‘block Amazon’ was produced. I installed it and found it very useful, but after a re-installation of my operating system I could no longer find it.
I wonder if anyone can let me know a link to that site or possibly another means of putting Amazon in check. I want nothing to do with the company.

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Same here.

I can’t seem to find any app like that in a quick search, either.

This reminds me of something I read a while back. I was asked by a company to block all things Amazon related because someone had brought one of their listening devices to work and data was streaming out of the company. After doing some work and having some problems I found this article. Just read the Amazon part.

As for your specific problem - I did a few searches for things and yea, Amazon is the top 80% of the results - esp right now. I dont know how to get around that just yet. Other than using pihole or similar to block all things amazon related.

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Thank you for the replies. I appreciated the link suggested by Wadesmart, which led me to further articles about my other betes noirs; e.g., google, social media and the rest. I hadn’t known about pihole, but from my quick scan, that seems a possible solution. The problem is that I am technologically inept and find that my attempts to improve or change usually lead to a breakdown of one kind or another: either in the machine or in me. Is it safe for a novice to try to install it do you think? I still wonder what happened to the ‘block amazon for me’ site. Perhaps Amazon succeeded in destroying it.

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