Strange Errors show up at boot

I am welcomed by a strange series of errors listed below. All I remember is removing some junk files with Stacer , and on restarting I was greeted with a black screen asking for my login and password. Straight forward nothing happened and I used Alt+F1 to login with the GUI but now the wifi adapters was missing. On further research I found out this is mainly because of some realtek8723DE drivers and hence I tried all the possible solutions.

So overall the problems are :

  1. How to get solution for working wireless drivers.
  2. How to get rid of the black console asking for login at startup

First thing, instead of linking to your problem on another forum, describe the problem here. I edited your post to get the original problem description from your Ask Ubuntu link.

Now, it sounds like you deleted some important files and your present desktop is all messed up.

You can get the GUI back from the console that you see at the login.

You can use (if I remember package name correctly):

sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop

Basically, you are reinstalling GNOME desktop from Ubuntu.

The problem with you is that you don’t even seem to have WiFi. And installing packages without network is not possible.

Do you have the option to connect via ethernet (wired network?)?


i thought i was just being cranky, so i was holding my tongue.

to try and add something helpful, i was wondering if the display manager (is it gdm for gnome?) might need a re-install.