Suggest some Video downloader for Ubuntu Linux


Everyone talks about Uget. But it nowhere near what EagleGet or IDM do in Windows. Is there any simple way I can fetch videos from websites I visit ? Not just YouTube.

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Now, before you look at the app’s name, check out this.



what @Akito says… I use it all the time - I wrote a wrapper script around it to also just grab the audio…

sudo apt install python python-pip
sudo pip install youtube-dl

excuse the potty mouth - I always comment my shell scripts with “colourful” language :smile: :

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Just grab some crappy quality music from youtube - NOT tha f##king video
# Assumes ya got the python "youtube-dl" sh!te installed (and in same dir as this script, on path or whatever tha f##k - e.g. a symlink etc)
$GRABBA --extract-audio --audio-quality 0 --audio-format mp3 $EARL

also remember to keep it updated regularly (youtube-dl -U)…

And it it fails to grab something you want - then run “youtube-dl -U” and it will usually fix that… many online streaming services update their formats often which can break youtube-dl…



youtube-dl is what you need. It says youtube in the name but it downloads videos from many other websites. It’s a command line tool though.

Here’s how to use it:



Also - I’d like to plug this handy/nifty tool for antipodeans (works in Australia, don’t know about NZ :smiley: )

Basically a console menu driven frontend to download for offline viewing of Australian online streaming TV services…

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Thanks all. I will try this.:slight_smile:



This regards to, when you installed it from the original site.
The tool is present in many major distros’ repos (maybe not the latest version).
But then you get updates automtically…
Just sayin…

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Just a quick update, FYI:
A new version of youtube-dl was just released.



Distro’s can’t always keep up with youtube-dl - I’d recommend installing using PIP and update via “pip install youtube-dl” (will update if it’s already installed) I’ve had issues in the past using youtube-dl from repo’s…



I would suggest that you take a look at jDownloader



I use that one since about 10 years and usually I was satisfied with that one. Especially that it is written in Java makes a lot of things cooler and easier. There were some updates, that brought some problems, but all in all it’s a VERY good tool.

Though, instead of clicking on any of the platform-specific download links, I would suggest to use only the Java version. Additionally, a couple of years ago the website didn’t feature the correct versions of the software, so I had to look up the source and download it from there. They might’ve fixed it by now though, since this happened a long time ago.

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You can try tubemate app for downloading.



If you are using FireFox, there’s an extension called Video Download Helper that seems to work pretty good.



Youtube DL (Shell only) is for me the best option, not only for Youtube but a gazillion of sites. If you don’t want to use the Shell, then you can try Youtube DL GUI or 4K Video Downloader.