Syncing ipod nano with Wine-iTunes

I successfully installed Wine and windows iTunes 12.1.3 (32bit) on my Ubuntu 20.04LTS system and it plays music. (64bit did not work = black screen). BUT the reason I installed, was to be able to sync my ipod nano (6 gen), but it is not recognised in the (Wine) iTunes when plugged in. Is there any known solution to that?

I have been trying to find Linux software that would download and sync podcast to my iPods and nothing has worked. I’ve been working on this problem for several years. Wine does not work and I have had no luck with the standard music players. Audio books do not work either, and most mp3 players will not remember your spot in the audio book.
I have one computer that still runs Win10 just for iTunes. Very sad waste of a computer.

So many more reasons to not use Apple products. :wink:

You are absolutely right! But I own the devices, so I want to use them until they fail. The iPods are handy at the gym.

I agree with this attitude! :smiley:

However, I find it interesting that so many people blame Microsoft and Windows for being so restrictive, when there are systems like e.g. Apple products which are much more restrictive. :smiley:

Just recently I heard that you may not even access your iPhone as a generic mass storage medium, but you always have to use Apple software to even properly access the device most people paid hundreds if not even thousands of dollars for. I just find this so crazy and unbelievable, that despite such tactics there are so many fans of such products. It continues to baffle me over and over again.

That said, did you think about jail breaking the device? It would make it more usable and normal.

Thanks all for your comments. I dropped apple products because they “force” customers to use only their products. But like Twin I have these iPods that work and I use them for sports. I was thinking of jail breaking as Akito suggests, but then the built-in iTunes won’t work and it will not be possible to sort with, genre, artist, etc. and make playslists. Or, what other program could then be installed?