System hangs at reboot/shutdown


Hi altogether,

after performing a clean install of Lubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, 64 bit, I experience shutdown/reboot problems. The system hangs at a specific point.

After deactivating plymouth (“noplymouth” instead of “quiet splash”) I was able to find out where the system hangs.
The last entries are as follows:

systemd-shutdow [1]: 12 output lines suppressed due to rate limiting
systemd-shutdown [1]: Syncing filesytems and block devices
systemd-shutdown [1]: Sending SIGTERM to remaining processes
systemd-journald [284]: Received SIGTERM from PID 1 (systemd-shutdown)
systemd-shutdown [1]: Sendig SIKILL to remaining processes …
systemd-shutdown [1]: Unmountig file systems
EXT4-fs (sdc1): re-mounted. Opts: block_validity,barrier,user-xattr,acl,errors=remount-ro
systemd-shutdown [1]: All filesystems unmounted
systemd-shutdown [1]: Deactivating swaps
systemd-shutdown [1]: All swaps deactivated
systemd-shutdown [1]: Deactivating loop devices
systemd-shutdown [1]: All loop devices detached
systemd-shutdown [1]: Detaching DM devices
kvm: exiting hardware virtualization

So the kvm thing seems to be the culprit.

Does anyone know what to do?

The whole thing is a bit odd as I have a pristine system and everything should work perfectly.

Rosika :neutral_face:


I don’t know how to help you but this might be the bug you are getting?
kvm: exiting hardware virtualization" on AMD servers with DVD


@ Tech_JA
tnx a lot and sorry for the belated answer.
Yes, the link you provided refers to the very phenomeneon I encounter.

In the meantime I use the command
shutdown -H -P +0
to power down my system. This at least works without any difficulties.

Rosika :wink:


Hi Rosika
Have you tried the repair option when you reboot? if you get the advance options and try a repair from there. I am almost certain I saw this on its Foss by @abhishek as I learnt how to do it from it although I use mint it worked