SystemBack Ubuntu


SystemBack was such a nice and appreciated programm but it is sadly gone.
No longer available for Linux Xubuntu 18.
Today I installed Timeshift but that is a little bit overdone (every hour a snapshot).
Once a week is more than enough. I like to hear your experience/suggestions


I have mine set to daily snaphot of / only and max of 5 snapshots. No complaints yet. :sunglasses:

Currently the root partition (Manjaro filesystem) and the 5 snapshots take 12.8Gb of space inside this partition.


i’m a little more wary of data loss, so i have mine set to daily snapshots but there is an option to set up just weekly in the settings menu:

for the record, i can see in syslog that when cron runs its check on what jobs need to run hourly it does check if timeshift needs to be run but mine only creates the one daily backup that i have set up :slight_smile:


I have set Timeshift for 1 a day on Mint which I use. I find that is enough. If I do updates then I might do another in case something breaks as a result. I have had no problems with it . I know that some have had, but this has been my personal experience


Thank you all for the respons.
I set the schedule on once a day only and keep 3 snapshots and save them on a external drive.
This program is a relief :slight_smile:


Hi, Systemback is back.
It is now a script from the same author.


I read the info on GitLab but it is much to difficult for me :frowning:
I looked again on Launchpad and SourceForge and they say: * DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT ENDED *
However, I use TimeShift now for a view days and I am happy with it. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the info.


Agree.Weekly is more that sufficient; afterall Linux different of Windows :wink:


yes, the original GUI application is end of life. But the script is active :wink:
I use it on my desktops, as well on my servers. It’s as easy as write a line:
./ -n
to create a restore point
./ -r
to restore from a restore point.
I don’t take a snapshot weekly, but BEFORE upgrading kernel, or installing a new application.
When something goes wrong, just restore…
With this script I have control over what to backup at all. I exclude my huge data folders, because I have a backup of my data via different way, and those data folders would unnecessary increase the restore point’s size. I’m not sure this is possible with timeshift?


I highly appreciate your suggestion, but it is too complicated for me. I have tried to translate it (google) into Dutch and I still do not understand what to do.
TimeShift is currently excellent and easy to operate.


the default setting on timeshift is to exclude the home folder. that can be changed to include the whole system if desired. like you, i back up my personal stuff another way but it is an option with timeshift also.


Yes, I know, but you can incluse the HOME directory, so you’ve got everything :slight_smile:


agreed :slight_smile: i was replying to the previous comment about whether or not it was possible.


System Back for the Ubuntu family is back :slight_smile: and I found it here:

It works fine now on Xubuntu 18