Team viewer or alternative

Is Team Viewer available for 18.04 ? Are there any reliable alternatives to use between two systems connected through LAN cable / WiFi ?

this page says teamviewer can be installed, but this page (read past the first comment) seems to suggest it might not work very well.

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As of here there are supposedly some good free (as in freedom) alternatives.
I personally have never been in need to use those tools, but the report may be a good starting point.


If they are in the same network, you shouldn’t use TeamViewer or any server based screen sharing program. It only makes sense if you are connecting to someone from afar and even then only really necessary if they are behind a NAT of some sort.

Long story short, for your situation you definitely want to use a P2P based solution, like VNC. I personally used TigerVNC some time ago and it was fine.


tigervnc also has the advantage of being in the repos.

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Thanks @Akito @01101111

Is there any guide on how to use it ? I tried to use Remmina. But it was too much for me to understand.

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How use TV on 16 and 18 systems. You have to use the same older version on both. They work just fine on wireless - but of course most of that depends on your wireless. They do want you to upgrade to the newest version all the time - which I dont. If I have a client with a newer version, Ill install that version for that client.

Hi @meetdilip,
Yes. TeamViewer is available for Ubuntu 18.04. The trick to work properly is enabling the 386 platform. I use this one-line-of-code:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update && wget -OTeamviewer.deb && sudo dpkg -i Teamviewer.deb && sudo apt-get install -f

A little explanation of this code does:
“dpkg --add-architecture i386” does the trick you need, since TeamViewer seems is available only for 32Bit (AKA 386/586).
“apt update” is self-explanatory (I use apt-get for compatibility with 16.04 [still maintained until 2021]).
“wget” helps me to download the TeamViewer in .deb format and -O changes the original name just to TeamViewer.deb
“dpkg -i” and “apt-get install -f” install the TeamViewer and force to apply all the needed dependencies (if you use Gdebi [sudo apt install -y gdebi], instead using dpkg and install -f then simply use sudo gdebi -n TeamViewer.deb. IMHO is much better and elegant Gdebi and you have to not worry about dependencies or other nasty things).

If you have installed Wine, perhaps you’ll have a trouble. Simply open the Cron (crontab -e), then add this line: @reboot pkill TeamViewer.exe, save the changes and forget about the double TeamViewer problem when boot your system.

For GNU/Linux you have many options for remote control: AnyDesk, Google Chrome Remote Desktop Plugin, TeamViewer, (both solutions multi platform but closed source), Andama, Remmina (my favorite!), Vinagre or any other solution as @Akito @01101111 or @Fast.Edi mentioned before.

Hope that helps you,

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