Templates - Valentine Card A4 Half Fold

Bit late now but after Serif PagePlus 2004 on XP-Pro saved the day I decided that it should be just as easy to use LibreOffice; find a template and soon have a Valentine Card for my beloved sorted and printed. Yer – right? Spent over an hour searching the web for free LibreOffice A4 Half Fold card template. Mostly dire US totally naff artwork based on US letter size – could not believe that there wasn’t even a half decent template to use. A few forum threads on the subject with no good solutions on offer – why LibreOffice doesn’t include anything is beyond me; perhaps I was just looking in the wrong places? After all, ye olde, easy to use, British PagePlus software, as you can see had plenty of quality templates ready to use and so easy to modify way on back in Win’95 days and was for serious professional use also. Yes at about £20 too! Initially bought the entire Serif PowerPlus publishing suite, Win’95 ready it said on box - so I didn’t have to use MS products, hated the stuff even back then. Come on LibreOffice – make it even easier to use and people of all abilities will love it and keep using it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After installing PagePlus10 and resource CD under wine launcher on my old HP Trisquel laptop I decided to have a go with LibreDraw instead, and have now succeeded in producing a basic template for an A4 Half Fold card with page one for the outside and page two for the inside also having a guide line for the fold. I have made it so that it is easy to modify using edit text and paste in photos and clip art. I suppose; like most, you all have your own LibreOffice letter template and perhaps an A4 Half Fold card template. If you would like this template to get going quickly, here it is if it can be copied from here?

Please excuse me – but I presently do not know if you can do a “save as” from a posting - er no: LibreOffice files not allowed - perhaps you can request an email with an attachment from me? Please let our community know if there is a repository of quality templates for the perhaps the most used FOSS software – anywhere? Any good clip art too?


Serif Page Plus (… and on wicked Windows XP!) Thanks for the nostalgia attack :blush:. Page Plus rocked :+1::muscle:

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This should bring a tear to the eye! :cry:
It’s predecessor for Win3.1 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No Blubbing - Oh go on then - its only the Bonus CD :drooling_face: