Terminal before uostart is ending

Hi im have a quistion abut ubuntu 22,04 i missing upstart and stop vith the picture i come vith.
Next is it posibily to come in to the terminal before the hole system is started up?

To get a terminal login you need to boot Linux in single user mode.
You can do that on the grub screen

or, if you do not have a grub screen, I am not sure but there must be some way of booting in single user mode from the bios?
Maybe someone else can help with this.


I can’t use GRUB i can Come into the grup but it wrote to thas comand “sodo atp update” dont reconize

Sorry it schut be sudo

I think I understand you.
You need a terminal login prompt so you can get into linux without starting X11 windows.
You cant use grub to boot as single user. You are probably not getting a grub screen, just going straight to the display manager screen.

OK. Another way is to disable the display manager. Then you will get a terminal login prompt . To do that you need a boot CD or USBdisk, for example a Knoppix disk. Then you can mount your root filesystem and edit things to disable the display manager. Cant tell you exactly what to edit, it depends on which display manager is used.

Then, you can boot from the hard disk, and will get a terminal login prompt.

Sorry, this is complicated.
Maybe someone knows an easier method.


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Hello, @Torbensonne
I might be wrong, but isn’t it possible to get to one of the virtual consoles via Ctrl+F1-6?
The graphical environment runs on the 7, so you might get a login prompt on one of the others.

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