Terminal program with saved commands?

Does anyone know of a terminal program that allows the user to save various commands in order to not have to re-key them all the time?
I find myself using a half dozen or more commands regularly and it would be nice if there was a saved list, maybe on a drop down menu, to allow selecting previously saved commands.
Thanks, Jim

Are you looking for a GUI or non-GUI program?

This is my favourite GUI Terminal. It can for example save commands, so you only need to click on the one you need.

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GUI is always nice but I don’t need anything fancy. I’m just too old and lazy to remember and re-key commands like “rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/*” and “sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=3d” every couple of weeks. I looked up a website on installing deepin-terminal in linux mint but got this error:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/deepin-sc
Cannot add PPA: ‘‘This PPA does not support bionic’’.
Thanks Akito!

How about Cronjobs?

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That’s a clever idea Akito but it looks to complicated for my simple mind. I envisioned a terminal very similar to the one that comes with Linux Mint but with an added feature of being able to save/edit some commands in a list so I could easily run them when I want.
Guess I can just keep the commands in a text file and copy/paste them into the terminal as needed.
Thanks again!

Just another suggestion:
How about adding “comments” to your wanted commands?

rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/* # Clear thumbnail cache

So you can easily search and select them with Ctrl+R
Not your wanted solution, but kind of a workaround… and kind of lazy :wink:

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A text file is how I save my commands.

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If you are only interested in half a dozen commands how about using up or down keys to search through your past. An easy solution if not many commands

Good idea Fast Edi! Thanks!

That works but I have so many entries in between the times that I use those half dozen.
If there was a way to display all of the saved, past commands and pick and choose…
Thanks ObillO!

Do you have a fixed list of commands you use or does the list of commands change often?

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Can the “bookmarks” tab in the terminal help, I’ve been trying and got a few commands that I can recall. this works for all i have stored, but i dont know if it will configure for a greater library!

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I have a few that I use regularly and I add more as I learn them.
What about you? Do you use lots of commands? Are they easy to remember?

The terminal program that I’m using doesn’t seem to have a bookmarks tab.

Well, I have a list of over 200 aliases I use for the commands I use commonly. But for recurring operations it is really best to use cronjobs, as displayed earlier. It is not that hard to set up.


I’m marking this SOLVED.
Although, after about 4 years using Linux, I consider myself quite the newbie - but, thoroughly in love with Linux. ALIASES are all new to me and I have some learning to do but this already seems to work just fine for what I want.
On another note, I FINALLY convinced my wife to give up on WIN 10 and converted her laptop to Linux Mint last week. I think that I have a new convert to the Linux family. :slight_smile:
Again, thanks so much for your help!

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I know this is solved - but this kinda looks like a use case for the “script” command…

It’s installed by default on Ubuntu, and I know it was “stock” way back when in Solaris 7/8/9/10 etc…

Just type “script output.txt” and it will plonk you into a “subshell” - everything you type gets recorded (and output too into “output.txt”)… once you’re done, type “exit” and you’ll be back in your previous “shell”. Everything you typed, and feedback/responses/output, will be in the file “output.txt”…


Thanks Daniel!
I’ll check that idea out too.

Just push up arrow key on your keyboard with Terminal open, to see the last command you used.

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Thanks Mark! I appreciate the reply.