Terminal: segfault error 15

Hi altogether,

the weirdest thing happened today: all running terminals were shut down all of a sudden (probably 3 or 4). This came pretty much out of the blue.

Looking up the logs I found the following.

Apr  6 14:23:45 rosika-Lenovo-H520e kernel: [ 4159.762833] show_signal_msg: 10 callbacks suppressed                                                                                                             
Apr  6 14:23:45 rosika-Lenovo-H520e kernel: [ 4159.762839] x-terminal-emul[2415]: segfault at 55d6d7002180 ip 000055d6d7002180 sp 00007ffc2b2fd268 error 15 

Apparently there was a problem with the x-terminal-emulator (segfault, error 15).

I may recall that I was using htop in one of the terminals at the time. Upon shutting down htop it so happened that all the other terminals went down as well.

Yet as far as htop is concerned there were no log-entries whatsoever.

Does anybody have an idea about what was going on?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with the guy from this thread. You should file a bug report.
Looking at this it seems like it is part of gnome-terminal.
So I found this source code with a link to an explanation on how to report Gnome related bugs.

However, maybe it is not related to gnome-terminal and it is one of the many “stealth” open source projects you never find, because they are so old, they have their own Git instances, no normal human ever heard of before, instead of just being on Github.
Then you would need to find the correct Git project to file a bug report of this issue. If it is part of Gnome or something like that, they probably have a central bug reporting platform, for all their products, so that would ease up finding where to report this issue, without being asked to report it at the right place.


Hi and thank you so much for your help.
I should have mentioned that my system is Lubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, 64 bit. So sorry that I forgot doing that :slightly_frowning_face: .
Nevertheless you set me on the right track by suggesting filing a bug-report.

I found out that the commands x-terminal-emulator and lxterminal are equivalent.
Both produce a new terminal-window.
So in my case the respective package would be lxterminal 0.3.1-2ubuntu2.
Accordingly the right place for the bug-report should be
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ .
I committed my report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxterminal/+bug/1871367 .
I am curious if I get a response there.

On a sidenote: I´m pretty amazed how you guys find out if the same question was already posted in another forum. :+1:

Thanks again for your help.
If I get further information I´ll post it here.



Yeah! Akito is always eager to help everyone!
And he’s right.
He’s one of the best… :wink: