Terminus: a text-based adventure game

some time last week on reddit there was a mention about terminus being a game that teaches terminal commands. most days i feel decently comfortable using terminal commands, but some days i feel more frustrated with how much i don’t know.

after getting sucked into the game for a good 30 minutes or so, i thought i would come by and share the joy. i admit that i spent (longer than i would have thought) the first few minutes figuring out i was supposed to cd to the different locations listed by ls and then less the items listed to get clues as to what to do next. the first link below is the game itself. the second is the project page of the game creator.


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NOOO!!! so cd .. takes you back to the previous location (obviously). however, cd takes you ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning (home) :smiley: so then you have to adventure your way back through the meadow, cave and portal to get to the library again. clever learning tool.

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Okay so you’re giving us all another excuse not to do the things we should be doing and then rushing to get them done at the last moment by giving us this :rofl::rofl: Nice one @01101111 keep up the good work :+1::+1:

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you’re not wrong. somehow my dishes didn’t end up washing themselves no matter how long i goofed off.

At least with terminal games you don’t need the old “boss key” (the one you press to hide the game you’re playing when your boss walks past)… with us NIX admins - will just look like we’re working… back in the day, usually found some TSR for DOS that would let you switch to a DOS prompt with a keypress from Doom 2 if your boss was nearby :smiley:

Anyone here played Hacknet? It was free a while back (Linux native version), just keep an eye on Gog and Steam and “Gaming On Linux” - awesome deal too - came with the soundrack for free too! Was it Gog? Or Humble? I don’t remember…


I am a big fan of GOG. It is in many ways superior to Steam. The worst downside is, that is has tons of games less to offer. But if there are games I want on Steam and GOG, I always pick GOG over everything else. It is a great platform and it continuously grows and gets better. Definitely recommending it to everyone interested in games. Especially a lot of classics are offered there. Their service and attitude is also A+.

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