Tesla cares about customers' safety because a nozzle replacement costs $16000 instead of ~$100

I apologise for the Louis spam, but I just love this dude too much!


I subscribed a long time ago.
I just watched his video of his appearance on the Breaking Points w/ Krystal & Saagar show.
BTW, NO company gives a damn about customers.
They keep hammering “you’ll violate your warranty” if you “whatever”.
I couldn’t care less myself about ANY alleged “warranty” because all companies do is look for ways to NOT honor them.


I miss the days of DIY or DIM Do it myself. If there was anything wrong with our Austin van back when I was a child, my father spent hours out there using Haynes books to repair. Everything these days though has to go through either your dealer or a mechanic, because cars are so damn complicated these days, yet modern cars all look the same from the outside no matter what make. Common sense says we all have the right to fix things, or at least take a look to see if we can solve the problem for ourselves.
It’s like Linux for instance, something not running properly then we look online for an answer, but at least we are looking for the solution, to fix whatever the problem is, ourselves. Over complicated thought out world we live in now, as more and more with this expensive way of doing things with vehicles, back to the dealer, instead of actually seeing for ourselves, leads to laziness and people losing their skills they once had.

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I’d say common sense isn’t even the main argument. When I look at the bill of how much I paid for a new car, I know that I literally have to own it, or else the price wouldn’t be so extremely high. If they want me to rent it, it’s fine, but then I want to pay 1000 bucks max for a new BMW or a similar car.


Well - it seems like this is the way our economy is headed to:

Renting instead of owning. We see it with digital goods: Music, films, software.
It also happens in the real world with, say, flats and cars.

This model makes total sense for things we use rarely or for a limited amount of time. When it comes to products, we use over an extended period of time, it is still tempting: You don’t have to make a down payment and pay a monthly fee instead. However: Over the years, you will end up paying way more than by purchasing the product in the first place. Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic example of this business model. It is absurdly expensive for a product that will not have significant upgrades over the next years.

If you still have an Office version from 2010 lying around, it will do 99% of all tasks just as fine as the most recent Office 365 version.

Anyway, people like to own things, capitalism came up with a fantastic new idea: Selling the illusion of ownership: You purchase a product, own it, become responsible for it but in order to keep it working, you tie yourself to the manufacturer for maintenance and security updates and if they decide, it’s time for a replacement, they will stop these essential service and turning your expensive toy into waste.

And people fear socialism because it would “take away your property” when in effect big corporations are already doing this. Ha!

This is why the ideas of FOSS and open data are now more relevant than ever.


Recently, I saw a Seasonic PSU rebranded as an Asus Strix PSU. I wonder how many people bought the latter and wouldn’t buy the former, because of looks, impressions or prejudice.

When looking at most popular ideologies, it’s noticable, that the more totalitarian/extreme they are thought of, the similar they get. If you compare extreme communism to extreme capitalism, then it’ll probably be similar in effects.

In the end, nobody owns anything, except the highest elite of the country’s single party. This is the effect arising from either ideology.

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