Testing a new distribution for anonymity

By accident I found a new GNU/Linux distribution for anonymous activities. I generally am interested in distributions of this type and have tried out all of the major ones. I am looking for improvement in this sector though, so I am still checking out new updates and novelties. So the distro I found is called Septor and what I find most pleasing about it is that it is based on Debian Testing, which is exactly what I want. Usually specfic distros like these have other Linux bases, than Debian and that’s not optimal for my personal preference.
This distribution is brand new, as I see it. They uploaded their first release 16 hours ago on SourceForge and I am literally the first one who downloaded it. :joy::+1:t2:

So would anyone else be interested in trying out this distro? Would like to share some opinions and first impressions with whoever would test is, as I will.

Downloads Link


distrowatch confirms that it was indeed born 1 january 2019. of serbian origin. kde plasma desktop which i haven’t had any particular experience with. sounds pretty interesting. as long as you don’t come back in the next couple days and say it is terrible, i may well at least load it on a usb and see what it looks like :slight_smile:

KDE Plasma is amazing. I always hated the old KDE because it was absolutely gross but KDE Plasma is very amazing.

Nice find.
I, too, have interests in privacy distros.
Just downloading it to try out.

Speaking of, you have seen Kodachi haven’t you?
It’s based on Debian too.
Distrowatch, Homepage


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Yes, I tested Kodachi a couple of years ago. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but there were some issues I didn’t like. Maybe it was the update cycle? Don’t remember.

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Just had a look at Septor in a VirtualBox.
Looks nice, but why did they add a Yahoo Weather widget?
And I couldn’t run the Tor-Browser yet.
Perhaps this is a problem of the virtual run…

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Hey, @Akito.
I looked around a little bit and found some article of a german Linux magazine about Kodachi
Maybe this was your problem? The distro seems not so trustworthy at all.
The article looks very critical on the distro, because it has some “weird” settings.
And the distributor is in Oman and uses servers in Oman.
And the distribution genereates an ID to identify the machine (it goes on for some other bits…)

Maybe this has changed since the article (may 2017), but it’s really scary and for someone (like me) that is not so in-deep in security, it would be better to not use this distro.
So it seems, that Tails is the better option in this case.

Fast Edi


This definitely seems like the issue. I remember this distribution being from this country and that’s where I always take a step back at first and investigate further. Especially with a security focused distribution it should be clear that it should stay as far as possible from any shady states like USA, etc.


Too many red flags. Serbia AND Oman??

The new @kodachi 8.5 release is out and boy howdy, what a great improvement. Very clean and streamlined and works straightout of the box! :female_detective: :male_detective:

No idea how this is in any way related to the arguments explained above. Just because it works “straightout of the box”, does not mean it is in any way safer.

Had to add my user name to the sudoers file before I could use sudo.
I then was able to run sudo sh ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run and was able
to run sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a daniel to get my shared folder working. I also have added the Chromium browser, still trying to use the Tor browser. I also removed the weather widget from the panel.

Try Septor!!!