Text Editor with simple Image embedding support

Is there ANYTHING in Linux that will accept simple formatted text and cut & paste objects from the clipboard? It doesn’t have to be called “rtf” - it just needs to work like it. The saved product can be PDF, I just need a text editor that will format text and accept pictures. I would hate for that ONE thing (that I use all day, every day) keep me from being able to use Linux. The heavy, clunky “office” editors in Linux are, I hate to say, truly awful, when it comes to simply pasting pictures from clipboard. I don’t want to write a book, I just need clipboard pastes to be accepted. This editor I’m using right here would be fine,

if it didn’t paste a clipboard image as: image instead of as a picture.
WOW, it did show it as an image in the final product - in this editor it showed it a very long file name “upload” - not the picture.

So why is there nothing that will do what THIS “editor” will do as a document editor app, so you can see what the product will look like AS YOU ARE TYPING/PASTING IT? I don’t care what the .ext is named, but it would be nice if it could be EDITED, and not just written only as a .pdf (pdf’s are a bit heavy & cumbersome, too.

I have no idea what this box is for.

It shows the picture in the preview window. It does not seem to work with CTRL+C & CTRL+V, but you can drag & drop pictures into it.

However, if you use the experimental unified mode, it shows the picture inside the edited text.

I wonder what is so “truly awful” about LibreOffice writer. It supports copy and paste from web-pages.

It also supports drag and drop from
the file manager.

As far as “ugliness” goes, this might be a matter of taste: I don’t think, it looks bad, at least not as bad as WordPad:

I think, I said it a thousand times: We’re all animals of habit. Once we get used to a certain workflow, we’re very reluctant to change it, even for the better.
In that sense, I understand you pretty well, but I’d recommend you to give the alternatives a fair chance.

However, I think, I just found what you’re looking for:


It is WYSIWYG1, very uncluttered and has copy-and-paste image support. How mature it is, I can’t say, but as far as I tried, I haven’t seen a bug yet.

Here’s a screenshot of the full window (with a differently themed preview copied from their website):

1 WYSIWYG means “What You See Is What You Get”, in contrast to WYMIWYG “What You Mean Is What You Get”, as in typing LaTeX commands into a text editor and getting a beautifully formatted document.

To be fair, this is how WordPad looks nowadays:

(One of the reasons I do not like Wine…)

OK, I didn’t know. Haven’t used it in ages.

To be honest: I never use Wine. I just have it because it came preinstalled.

Please, do not call the “your distribution is not lightweight, you are an imbecile” ghosts…

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There is AbiWord that can be used.

Actually, AbiWord does support drag and drop of images but, to my knowledge (I tried), not copy-and-paste from web-pages, which is the key feature, she wanted.

Just for the sake of completion: I wrote a number of texts in the last couple of days (with pictures) and I tried the Mark Text app mentioned above and I love it.

It’s dead easy to use, has the sleekest interface possible and is quick and stable.

Whilst it doesn’t have all the formatting options of a word processor (or even WordPad), I especially like its capability for formulas.

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