Text to voice converter

Does anyone have an app that converts text into voice and then apply various accents and a gender? I have a GPS and it gives directions in several voice types and 2 genders.

Sure. I use gtts-cli, as in
gtts-cli “$args” -l ‘en’ -o ~/hello.mp3
gtts is actually a wrapper for Google TTS and is quite good.

From LinuxMint, you might want to install “python-gtts”.


I used to work with disabled groups and one tool we used was

This is the newer on line version … sadly not available on Linux, unless it could run under wine. So may not be in with your planning.

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For what purpose do you want to use it? I can suggest some based on what you want to use it for.

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I want to use it to send voice messages to my granddaughters and pretend to be a cowboy. They love that sort of thing.

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Got it :slight_smile:

There is an open source program named espeak that you can use. It has a GUI version named gespeaker and espeakedit.

The GUI applications should also allow you to save the file.

It has the following English accents:

1 en M default default
2 en-gb M english en (en-uk 2)(en 2)
5 en-sc M en-scottish other/en-sc (en 4)
5 en-uk-north M english-north other/en-n (en-uk 3)(en 5)
5 en-uk-rp M english_rp other/en-rp (en-uk 4)(en 5)
5 en-uk-wmids M english_wmids other/en-wm (en-uk 9)(en 9)
2 en-us M english-us en-us (en-r 5)(en 3)
5 en-wi M en-westindies other/en-wi (en-uk 4)(en 10)

I have written about it in the past but it’s not very extensive and needs to be updated. Hopefully, I’ll improve this article in coming days.

You may still refer to it in the meanwhile:

I hope your grandchildren love your little voice note generated by espeak :slight_smile: