Thank you Abhishek!

My friends,
Please allow me to share this personal post.

Today I saw an icon of a piece of cake next to my name and I didn’t know what it was:


I thought I had made a mistake when I entered my date of birth, and when I changed it, I realized that it was because I had registered on the forum five years ago today.

I’ve had a lot of good times here, because whether we like it or not, it takes “a lot” of our time to become regular users, and I’ve also had times that I want to forget, which made me move away from the forum, but there’s always something that remains and that we miss: the friends I’ve made here and the mutual help that is unique to the it’s FOSS forum.

Thanks to my friend Howard, @easyt50, who I’m very grateful to for convincing me to come back to the forum, I’ve reconnected with other fellow users again and, as far as I can, I’m trying to help the community. However, none of this would have existed if I hadn’t received an invitation 5 years ago…

Thank you Abhishek for the invitation you sent to be part of It’s FOSS.
The piece of cake is yours, my friend!


That tiny piece of cake is to celebrate your ‘cake day’. Unlike the birthdays, the cake day is to celebrate anniversaries of forum joining date. I think Reddit started this trend.

And thank you for being an integral part of It’s FOSS community for so many years :pray: Even I did not realize that this Community forum is more than five years old.

Cheers to that :clinking_glasses: