That time proxmox didn't listen

So in my proxmox tutorial I explain how to remove a node from a cluster. I had to do that recently, and it … kinda gave me a hard time, so I want to explain how I fixed it here.

Normally, with all VMs and containers moved off the node and backed up, you’d do :

pvecm delnode nodename

And that would be sufficient, only this time, it removed the node from the quorum, only the GUI was still showing it as present, only … not there anymore. No matter what I did I couldn’t get rid of it.

Ended up shutting the node off physically, and checking to see if it was in /etc/pve/nodes … which it indeed was. I then did:

mv /etc/pve/nodes/nodename /root

And it disappeared and all was well. I only mved it to root in case something would have gone wrong, then I could have just mved it back again.

Maybe this will help someone somewhere. lol

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