The discussion is about the warning message before logging to Oracle VirtualBox

Good day everyone
I use Ubuntu 22.04 on the Oracle VirtualBox platform.
How can I remove the following warning:
RETBleed: WARNING: Spectre v2 mitigation leaves CPU vulnerable to RETBleed attacks, data leaks possible!

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No idea if it helps - as I haven´t taken a glimpse at it - but perhaps you might look at these pages.
There seems to be a discussion there:

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Upgrade to the latest VirtualBox, by updating within VirtualBox. Open File then preferences then update. Tick the box at the top, click OK button. Might have to relaunch VirtualBox, then it should tell you if there is a upgrade or not. Failing that download the latest VirtualBox from their website, it’s a Deb file. Incidentally what version of VirtualBox are you using? The latest is 7.0.6, but I’m using ArcoLinux, which is Arch. What OS are you using, as your daily drive?

What is echoing that message???

Oracle VirtualBox GUI - or Ubuntu 22.04?

I’ve been using VirtualBox for 15 years or so (back before it was even branded “Oracle”) and never seen a message like that…

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Thanks a lot, I’ll check them out.


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I´m sure other forum members can help you in a better and more effective way than I can.
It´s a long time since I used VirtualBox. I´ve switched over to kvm/qemu… :blush: .

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Good day sir/madam
Thanks. I’m using Oracle VirtualBox 7.0


Good day Daniel
As soon as the Oracle VirtualBox GUI appears, that message “RETBleed…” displays and then the Ubuntu 22.04 GUI displays and then the “RETBleed…” message displays again.

It isn’t just Ubuntu it’s every Linux OS that has ever been made. Excluding 16.04. It’s actually to do with the newish Kernels from 5.10 to 6.1.
Have a read VirtualBox RETBleed
It’s actually not that noticeable if you setup UEFI boot in VirtualBox. It stays on the screen for 1ms. It’s still not a good idea to switch off your protection from the RETBleed that is inside the Kernel.

I solved the problem by reinstalling Oracle VirtualBox and Ubuntu 22.04

Thanks for your help.