The forum went down and I was unaware

Hello people,

Yesterday I installed the updates on the server and updated the instance of Discourse (the open source forum software).

For some reasons, the website went down after updates which is weird because I didn’t notice any errors.

I have an uptime monitoring set up here:

But even that one didn’t notify me of the downtime. I’ll investigate it,

Meanwhile, if you were unable to view topics on the forum, this was the reason.

If you have a deja vu feeling, it’s because a similar incident happened a couple of months back. The uptime monitoring was set up after that but that didn’t work very well in this case.

Thanks to Pierre for notifying me of the issue via email.


Upptime seems like a nice tool. Thanks for showing it.

Had I known your email address I would have warned you too. :smiley:

Thanks for all you do to keep it going :slight_smile: