The Linux Shop .Is it safe to buy from there?

Decided to learn Linux with the intention after running one or two “ best for beginners” distros on 2 or three laptops .Thoughts were to run alongside Windows ie dual boot to start with and then hopefully move on to solo Linux with possibly different distros kept on each computer.

Failed miserably to on several occasions to manage to download chosen distros and flash ISO file to USB and use that to boot .
Was about to give up th when I came across what seems to be the answer for me at this stage ie a place,The Linux Shop,where I could buy chosen distros already on USB sticks and boot straight from there.

Before purchasing I emailed just to check that what I was intending to purchase would do what I was looking for but got no reply .
Sent them several other emails ,still no reply.

Can anyone assure me it is safe to buy from them as it feels like a very bad start.
Thank you

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Install free BalenaEtcher to burn ISOs to a usb flash drive


I have never heard of them, and so I cannot recommend them. Even at a best case scenario of them not putting malicious software on the USB, it is extremely overpriced. It takes maybe a few minutes of work to make a bootable USB, and USBs are cheap and plentiful. Also, the experience of learning how to do it yourself guarantees you don’t need to pay someone to do it for you in the future.

There’s not a lot of info for me to help you here. What failed? Did you not download the right ISO, did you fail to flash it to the USB? What program did you use to flash the USB? Were there any error messages?

I would say that probably over 99% of people who visit this forum have flashed Linux on a USB before. Make a new topic with what you’ve tried and what problems you’ve encountered. Someone (probably multiple people actually) will be happy to help you out.


Did that but that seemed to be where my problems always started .On each occasion as appeared to have successfully downloaded the chosen distro to a directory on my laptop running windows 10 .
I then downloaded Etcher although not sure whether to use the “portable” version or not .Then used etcher to flash the ISO file to a USB stick but after this apparently was done consistently got a message when I tried to use the USB stick that it had to be formatted. Tried 5 different USB sticks and couldn’t get past that point so many many hours later gave up .Hence the option of buying a USB with one or two chosen distros on it suddenly had appeal despite the cost.

Even switched USB port ,tried various makes of USB most were sandisk and even downloaded distros to another laptop .End result the same in each case

Like others here have never heard of this company so no recommendations

Think a better answer for you may be to try the following

You use this tool to create a bootable USB then copy the iso from each version of Linux you want onto the USB

The user guide is at

With images easy to follow.
Use the biggest usb you have to ensure you can try different Linux versions

Failing that try

This is a full guide to Linux mint usb creation

If you get stuck again come back here and someone will guide you through the process


If you wish to use a Linux distro through a USB flash disk ,ensure it is USB3 USB2 devices are slower hence distro installation takes longer USB3 flash disks are obviously somewhat more expensive but very much appropriate for such a duty.

Frank in County Wicklow Ireland

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Will try that thanks