The menu is not showing after sleep

I just install ubuntu 21.10 on my AsusUM462D laptop.
I have problem, when close the laptop, or after the screen goes black, I can not access the menu. Nothing happen when I click those square dots, or type at the search box.

so, I have to log out, and log in again and open all the windows that are left.

would you please help

Your laptop has gone into sleep or hibernate
Go into Settings and find where it controls sleep or hibernate, and turn it off. It is usually under Power settings, but I am not sure because I do not have Ubuntu.

Although I do use Ubuntu but i guess gnome shell can be restart with key {Alt + F2 } and then type { r }. No need to log off.

If this works then it means your laptop functions on hibernate or sleep doesn’t work properly.

Check for packages like {tlp} or {laptop-mode-tools}.

If one of these package has installed then check for startup service for it

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Both nevj & anujkmehrotra recommendations are solid.

I tried to restart it with Alt+F2 and r. it works! thank you so much. Also thank you for your kind suggestion nevj.

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