Thoughts On Manjaro Gnome 19 Preview?

It looks like Manjaro is almost done with a GNOME edition. Recently, it released the first test build for it:

My first impressions were quite good excluding the fact that it did not recognize my WiFi adapter - which works across every Ubuntu-based distro.

I also like the feature to change desktop layout (similar to what Zorin Ultimate edition offers).

Did anyone else try it out? You could help me point out things that I might have missed on my first run or simply share your impressions on it :smiley:

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For me Manjaro is just the GUI for running Arch. May try this in VM.


Ran an early release of this for a while last year. Performed quite well on my old laptop. Had no problems with it, Gnome is just not my favourite DE. For Manjaro I prefer KDE or XFCE.

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