Thumbnails blur in every browser

Hello there!
Hope you all are doing good!

I use Ubuntu and im facing a problem lately,
The thumbnails of youtube are blurred
And even the images on websites like vista create or biteable

I tried it on every browser and every browser has the same issue

I thought that the intelligent folks here can help me!
So I am posting this here

Thanks in advance!

You got ubuntu-restricted-extras installed, ffmpeg too??

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I’m not that intelligent I’m afraid :grin:, but try zooming in Ctrl and + buttons on keyboard on home screen on YouTube

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Attaching the screenshots if you need them.

I tried that.
The images do get clear a bit they they do not get ‘crisp’.
I remember that I was able to see them ‘crisp’ before.

Thanks for trying to help.

Hello again.
I searched up the issue on the web again and on the official Mozilla Firefox website ( Although I am using brave ) They say that try to reinstall the browser completely or create a new profile. But like suddenly, I remembered that I did not check the issue on Opera. And to my surprise, they are actually a bit crisp. Like they are not 100% crisp and clear but at least 80 - 90 % crisp and clear. Can you suggest to me some other measures which help?

Thank you!

Another surprise for me.
I just opened up firefox to check the about the issue and BAM!
Here, the images are same as Opera.
So do you think that it’s a browser issue?

I’m now curious about your display settings. Is this a Desktop or Laptop?? If it is a Desktop then I highly recommend using a Display Port rather than HDMI, also if you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card, turn down the Digital Vibrancy. It is under the name of your monitor, inside the control tab of NVIDIA settings. This can have a big impact on how images are displayed, as default for me the color is way too high, so have set mine down to -646. All graphic cards get the color set way too high. I don’t see color like that, over saturated making icons and other things look like seventies, early eighties colour TV’s. No one knew how to turn the color down or they just could not be bothered? I remember for the first time in living history seeing the original Thunderbirds series in living color round a neighbours house, everyone orange and blurry. On a Laptop not sure how to turn the colour down.

It’s a desktop.
It has NVIDIA Card.
But I never had that color kind of issue.

I don’t know what else to suggest. When did the blurred thumbnails start? Are your icons In Ubuntu the same blurriness? Could be monitor, Display from Graphic card failing, even your own eyesight??? Does anyone else see the same blurriness as you? I’m just trying to narrow down all possibilities and speculating mostly, whilst trying to come up with a possible solution for you.

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Only thumbnails are blurred. Everything else is crystal clear.

It might be a problem with resolution. For example, if you have a 4K monitor, but the thumbnails are way too small, maybe they are upscaled too much, bringing about this bluriness.

The same way, it may sometimes happen, that too big pictures can become blurry, if downscaled the wrong way.

Are there any settings regarding thumbnail resolution?


I was just about to suggest this. Blurry Thumbnails on YouTube Videos: What is the Deal? - All Free Mockups
You beat me to it. :grin:


Okay, so I solved it…
I searched up a lot about it again on the web as the issue was irritating me.
Found a solution that said t disable Hardware Acceleration when available in Brave, and it pretty much solved it. They are not crystal clear but they are as same as in Firefox. Hardware Acceleration is turned on in Firefox though and it helps but still, that acceleration thing pretty much solved the issue…
I will make a neat reply of the solution and mark it as anyone having the issue would see and solve it…

The following steps will solve the issue for most of the people:
Go to Brave Settings → Click on Additional Settings → Click on SystemUncheck [ turn off ] Hardware Acceleration when available.