To Bleach or not to Bleach - HDD preparations

Busy at the moment preparing to update Trisquel v9 over rolling v8 - I have no confidence whatsoever in such matters – so scared of messing up my tool of choice, even though I have Rescatux 0.37 on a DVD disc I have no experience with that either or the text based apps even less so.
Used Transmission app to grab torrent from Spanish uni and Brasero to burn a DVD as I didn’t want to overwrite any of my USB sticks or how it would affect my external back-up drive. Worked out very well and booted up from it and took a look around v9 and can see why – impressive as is v8, stable and so easy to use; v9 is said to be more polished and is based on ubuntu 18 rather than 16.
Could I ask our experienced membership what preparations I should do other than backup? When I was running v9 live in RAM I noticed in the menu there was a menu item to install Trisquel v9.0
I have BleachBit installed in v8 should I tidy up or just let Trisquel do everything for me? This surely applies to all distro installations…? Partitions come HDD drive preparations?
I intend to keep this 13 year old HDD rather than dropping in something digital.

Thanks in anticipation…

Ah Well I did not get any suggestions so have just removed all extra installed applications and bleached as much as possible.
So here goes installing Trisquel v9 over v8 leaving Trisquel live image on DVD to just take control of the old girl; HP G60.
Hope to see you on the far side :hole:. :eye:

:grinning: I’m back with v9…