Too Long, Didn't Read - locate

I remember reading about, and installing another shortened man page reading system, that WAS NOT "tldr’… This was quite recently, but probably several distropopping adventures ago…

I just installed TLDR - but it doesn’t have a tldr entry for the locate command.

I’m fed up of “find”, you’d a thunk by now they might have figured a way to avoid having to use escapes… so I was going to use locate, but I’m too lazy and easily distracted to read a whole man page to figure out how to use it - back in the 'old" Solaris days I would often use man, because Solaris man pages had excellent practical example usages at the end of each man page…

Anyone know / remember that alternative to TLDR… I’m pretty sure it didn’t have a dictionary like TLDR seems to - it just presented an abridged more user friendly version of the actual man page…

Hmmm, maybe I dreamt it?

And it looks like locate isn’t even an alternative to find… oh well… back to find and escaping shell characters I suppose :smiley:

Try tealdeer. Its written in rust.

Also for find

also in rust… and in the true Unix tradition… only 2 letters to type

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I just saw ‘fd’ in an IT’S FOSS article yesterday.

I gave it a quick try, but muscle memory takes time to convert.

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Bropages is TLDR alternative

I am not quite sure if that is the thing that you were trying to remember.

That’s the one - cheers mate!