TOO NEW? Python

Continuing the discussion from INKSCAPE Installed isn't opening:

Because I am soooo new to Linux and am limited on time for learning in detail; I just can’t get it all at once. I see “Python” comes up many times as I search for (my own) answers but I can’t really know how to run corrections/deletes/add-ons etc. A/C Python. It started to look like; Life in Linux depended on it and also presented ‘itself’ as just another glitch to my learning!

Finally, I have an approach to InkSTitch and now ‘Inkscape’ keeps crashing. I can not make a second step in design or stitching and ‘Inkscape’ Stops! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have given up Linux times x times but keep coming back. One day it will click for me and I gain more insight as I read all these notes and other posts. Do Maintainers Ever read these notes?

Hi Janne,
Yes we read them, but we are Linux users, not maintainers.
The thing is, we have run out of ideas for your problem
It seems to be something to do with Python, which Inkscape unfortunately uses. There have been several other issues apart from yours involving Python.
All we can do at the moment is wait for some versions of Inkscape and/or Python to come out, and hope that fixes it.
We admire your persistence with Linux. It is a pity that you chose an area that is having problems and had such a poor initial experience.
In most areas Linux works well.
If it is possible to get a snap pack or Appimage of Inkscape that might help,you, although I have no idea how you would go about adding InkStitch to that.


Perhaps your issue lies outside python and Inkscape.