Top Bar, Gnome 3.28.2, Ubuntu 18.04

My brother was trying to move his songs from his laptop to his Dropbox account. He thought all he needed to do was grab the folder take it to the top bar where the Dropbox icon resides and drop it. He is set up to sync files with Dropbox. However when he dropped the folder with over 1,000 songs they didn’t go in to his Dropbox they all went to the top bar with a quick start launcher. He has tried all he can think of to remove them, right click nothing happens. Drag and drop nothing happens. Ctrl + Win /Alt + Win/ Ctrl, Alt + Win right/left click nothing happens. Is the only way to remove those files is to remove and reinstall the top bar, or is he going to need to do a backup and a fresh reinstall? If he does a backup will it also backup the settings in top bar, so when he does a fresh reinstall from a backup will we be back to what we are trying to eliminate?

Either way sounds fine. If you want to be extra super dooper sure, just restore from a full backup.

Thank you Akito for the quick reply. I have his laptop here trying to make sense of what he did. I’ll keep everyone posted as to the final outcome.

So here is the latest. He has 3 movies all syncing with Dropbox at the same time as all the music I also discovered he is running 32 bit. I believe his machine will run 64bit but haven’t been able to test that. His machine runs well a little sluggish but not uncomfortable. He has Gnome Compiz, Gnome Metacity, Gnome Wayland and Classic Gnome and Unity Desktops to choose from. I logged him into Classic Gnome from Gnome Metacity and now he can do something again till its done syncing. I tried running 64 from a live CD and load it into VirtualBox and it will load till about half way then freeze. I’m thinking it might be a little much for his machine. Thank you all who offered suggestions, ir contemplating this problem. Ubuntu community is the best.