Top Panel is really screwed up! Really!

–Hello, I installed UM 22.04 and then proceeded to copy and paste my T-bird and Home folder from my UM 20.04. I started to add apps to the top panel, like Diodon, Screenshot, etc from the Accessories menu, and for some reason I got stupid and I Reset Panel the top panel.

I now had no way to shut the computer off except for holding down the start button. I was sick… I rebooted and the top panel showed up but was very much different from the original one.

The App Diodon in the Software Boutique showed that it was installed. I reinstalled it and and it never showed up. When I go to Edit Menus there is not much there, just whats showing in the Application - Places - System.

Please help… I’m old, over 70, and not real tech savvy. But I know I like Ubuntu WAY, WAY more than Windows. Who wouldn’t?

I have other issues also, and will be back to annoy everyone. One at a time… :woozy_face:

Thanks In advance


Hi @toasted.slug
It is difficult for me to help , because I do not use Ubuntu, and you do not say which desktop environment you are using.
Some basic things that might help

  • the background menu ( right click on the background) might have a
    shutdown button
  • you can always shutdown using the command line.
    Just type sync
    and then halt as superuser, or sudo halt
  • there must be a menu in your desktop that controls the panels. You need to find that menu and use it to redefine the top panel and its contents.
  • to protect yourself from this sort of thing in the future, you need to do regular backups.
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Thanks Neville, I am using Mate (UM). There has to be a way to reestablish the Top Panel to its original
state. I have I can turn the computer off now, and have entered some icons (apps) to it. When I shut down the box, a lot of the apps go missing and I have to enter them again.

Does a Ubuntu geek have a solution to my issue?

Thank You All.


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Hi, :wave:

I´m not using ubuntu mate either but just issued a quick search here:

Don´t know whether this might help but perhaps it offers some ideas:

Good luck :heart: .

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:


I am a 70-something, definitely NOT a Linux geek (modestly informed amateur), and I use Maté. There are but two tips I can suggest. One is, you can always shut down, regardless of the top panel issue, by starting the terminal and enter shutdown.
For that top panel, Mate Tweak is what I used, and I chose “classic” as my theme.
First, follow Rosika’s links. They will obviously be more helpful.